The 4th International Conference on Sustainable Mobility
ICSM 2019

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20-21 Nov 2019
Four Points by Sheraton, Ungasan, Bali

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Accepted Papers
1 01-AN-01 UTM KL Anthropometric Data of ASEAN Adults and Children for ASEAN NCAP
2 02-AN-02 UTM KL Child Presence Detection System and Associated Technologies
3 03-AN-03 UTM KL Child Presence Detection: Assessment Methodology for ASEAN NCAP
4 04-AN-04 UTEM Development of New Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning Assessment Program based on South East Asian Environment Conditions: Preliminary Investigation
5 05-GE-01 UIAM Deep Learning Based Single-Shot and Real-Time Vehicle Detection and Ego-lane Estimation
6 06-GE-02 UIAM Software Optimization Of Vision-Based Around View Monitoring System On Embedded Platform
7 07-AN-05 UTEM Development of Smart Vehicle Blind Spot Detection System Based on 24 GHz Radar Sensors
8 08-AN-06 UiTM Risk of Vehicle Blind Spot Towards Motorcyclist Safety in Malaysia: Assessment on Perceptions of Behaviour
9 09-AN-07 UKM Willingness-to-Pay for Vehicle Safety Features: A Case Study of Low and Middle Income Group Consumers
10 10-AN-08 UKM The Need for Evaluating Effectiveness/Mismatch Design of Current Side Airbag with ASEAN Population
11 11-GE-03 UKM The Effect of Steering Wheel Rotation to the Upper Extremity in Different Action and Hand Position: A Preliminary Study
12 12-AN-09 UTM KL Lane Line Detection via Deep Learning Based-Approach Applying Two Types of Input into Network Model
13 13-AN-10 UMP Does Using Blind Spot Mirror Mounted on the Side Mirror Increase the Driver's Field of View?
14 14-AN-11 UMP Predicting Road Fatality in Malaysia Using Support Vector Machine (SVM)
15 15-AN-12 TGGS Safe Following Distances for Motorcycle to Prevent Rear-end Collision
16 16-AN-13 HCMUT Determinants Affecting Car Purchasing Intention – A Study of Vietnamese Consumers
17 17-GE-04 MIROS The Development of Additional ISOFIX Attachment to Fit Three CRS in One Car
18 18-GE-05 MIROS Trend of Head Injury Criteria Score in ASEAN NCAP Frontal Crash Test
19 19-AN-14 UMP Analysis of Accident Rate for Cars With and Without Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Technology in Malaysia
20 20-AN-15 UMP Analysis on Collision Rate for Cars With and Without Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Technology in Malaysia
21 21-AN-16 UMP Effect of Driver Personal Factors on Accident Rate for Car With and Without BSD Technology
22 22-GE-06 MIROS Trend of Chest Deflection Score in ASEAN NCAP Frontal Crash Test
23 23-GE-07 MIROS The Best Practices of Solving Overloading Issues in Malaysia
24 24-GE-08 MIROS East vs. West: A Philosophical Different of NCAP Assessment
25 25-AN-17 UTHM Visual Performance and Motorcycle Safety - Related Impacts of Various Automated High Beams (AHB) Headlights Intensities
26 26-AN-18 ITB Child Restraint Analysis for Occupant Protection in the ASEAN Market
27 27-AN-19 UTP Rearward Visibility Technology in ASEAN Market: A Review
28 28-AN-20 UniKL ASEAN New Car Assessment Program: Malaysian Consumer Awareness and Perspective
29 29-GE-09 MIROS The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Malaysia: A Road Safety Perspective
30 30-GE-10 MIROS Ethical Dilemma of Autonomous Vehicle in Malaysia
31 31-GE-11 MIROS Safety Helmet and Vest Wearing Status Among Industrial Workers Commute to Work in Bangi
32 32-GE-12 MIROS Rating System as a Tool in Elevating Road Safety
33 33-GE-13 MIROS Development of Guidelines for Child Occupant Safety in Passenger Cars
34 34-GE-14 MIROS Analysis on Small Lorry Operational Speed – Injury Severity Prediction
35 35-GE-15 UTEM Survey of Concern on Car and Motorcycle Relative Position on the Road among Motorcyclist and Car Driver in Malaysia and Its Correlation
36 36-GE-16 PROTON Optimal Design of an Adaptive Cruise Control System for Driving Comfort and Fuel Economy
37 37-GE-17 MIROS Benchmarking of Light N1 Vehicle Crashworthiness Level in Malaysia
38 38-GE-18 MIROS Motorcycle Crashes at Emergency Lane on Malaysian Expressway: A Study on Motorcyclist Manoeuvres upon Encountering Hazard 
39 39-AN-21 UTP Rearward Visibility Assessment of ASEAN Vehicles
40 40-GE-19 MIROS People Mover Safety in Malaysia: The Case of School Transport

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